WOMEN IN MOTION: Dance, Gesture and Spectacle in Film, 1900-1935 – by Elizabeth Ann Coffman (1995) PDF Download

  WOMEN IN MOTION: Dance, Gesture and Spectacle in Film, 1900-1935 – by Elizabeth Ann Coffman (1995) PDF Download Lillian Gish said once that she thought Dorothy Scarborough’s novel would make a perfect movie because “It was pure motion. “Victor Seastrom’s The Wind (1928) is also a perfect movie with which to develop a theory for reading gestural style in silent film because of the lack of much symbolic direction (there are very few intertitles) and the specific nature of Gish’s own performance style. The film opens with Lillian Gish’s character, Letty Mason, travelling on a train through a deserted Western landscape. Shots of Letty on the train are intercut with shots of the train in motion through the landscape. These shots of the landscape soon include indexical proof of the wind that whips up the desert sand, and deposits it in Letty’ s lap through the train window. Other shots within the interior of the train include glance/glance reverses between Letty and the male antagonist, Wi

Photoplay presents Lillian Gish …

  Photoplay presents Lillian Gish … Lillian Gish is the supreme artiste of the screen. “She has, a very rare gift. She has intelligence, but she doesn’t have to use it when she is acting. That sounds strange to you. But Miss Gish acts by instinct. She is always right. The finest acting one has ever seen is Lillian Gish’s in the closet scene in ‘Broken Blossoms’.” The Scarlet Letter – illustrated edition with photographs of Lillian Gish from the MGM production. Photoplay (Sep 1920) Mrs. Belmont in Way Down East Photoplay (July 1925) Lillian Gish Frock Photoplay, July, 1921 Photoplay 1928 Gilbert Gish Lillian Gish Photoplay August 1918 Lillian Gish Photoplay February 1919 Lillian Gish Photoplay October 1920 Lillian Gish Photoplay September 1915 (Gish Collects rare books as a hobby) Lillian Gish Photoplay, July, 1919 Lillian Gish Photoplay 1921 Frantic Bidding for Lillian Gish – Photoplay, June 1925 c 1926 PHOTOPLAY Edition LA BOHEME – Lillian Gish cover Lillian Gish Photoplay Magazine De

Motion Picture Magazine presents Lillian Gish

  Motion Picture Magazine presents Lillian Gish To us all lilies symbolize purity, and while their white fragility is reminiscent of Lillian Gish, their true-in-heart meaning is even more so. For quaint Miss Gish has come to stand for everything that is sincere, true and faithful in girlhood and womanhood. Her portrayals are all ultra – feminine and the rare fragrance of viewing once more the clinging-vine girl – type is as enjoyable as memories of our first day-dreams. Miss Gish’s creation of the girl in “Broken Blossoms” is one of the achievements of the cinema year. Motion Picture Magazine (Jul 1917) Lillian Gish Triangle Motion Picture Classic 1927 Motion Picture Magazine 1922 Frank Dien Romola Motion Picture Magazine Page Lillian Gish Motion Picture Classic Lot (Brewster Publications, 1922) Lillian Gish is Henriette Girard Motion Picture Classic (Brewster Publications, 1922) Memories of Lillian Gish – detail Motion Picture Magazine (M.P. Publishing Co., December, 1924). Mimi and R