Cinematernity – by Lucy Fischer (1996)

Cinematernity – by Lucy Fischer (1996)Cinematernity – by Lucy Fischer1996 by Princeton University PressPublished by Princeton University Press, 41 William Street, Princeton, New Jersey 08540In the United Kingdom: Princeton University Press, Chichester, West SussexNoting that filmmakers and critics have often used motherhood as a metaphor to describe film production and the cinematic apparatus, Lucy Fischer undertakes the first investigation of how the topic of motherhood presents itself throughout a wide range of film genres. Until now melodramas have figured most prominently in discussions of maternity; these films, along with musicals and screwball comedies, have traditionally been viewed as “women’s” cinema.Fischer, however, defies gender- based classifications to show how motherhood has played a fundamental role in the overall cinematic experience. She begins by arguing that motherhood is often treated as a site of crisis—for example, the theme of the mother being blamed for the i…

Lillian Gish As She Is … (Ross 1920)

Lillian Gish As She Is … (Ross 1920)Lillian Gish As She Is To Those Who Know HerRoss Publishing Co. NY 1920“I am so glad of this opportunity to talk with all my fan friends,” laughed Lillian Gish. “I is a treat to tell you all of my real thoughts, and how I actually live, instead of having people judge me by my expression on the motion picture screen, I hope you’ll find that I am not the ‘tragic flower’ the magazines say I am. First of all, I am not frail.”