The Expressions Of Dorothy Gish – (Picture Show, 1920)

The Expressions Of Dorothy Gish – (Picture Show, 1920)Picture Show October 15th , 1920.The Expressions Of Dorothy Gish. (Special to the “Picture Show”)DOROTHY GISH.The Laughing Star Whose Black Bobbed Wig is Her Mascot.Lillian Gish and The Little Disturber (Dorothy) – Hearts of The WorldDOROTHY GISH and her sister Lillian are as unlike as they can be. Dorothy explains this in three words : ” Lillian is good,” she says. Dorothy began her screen career playing serious roles, and strangely enough it took a picture of tragedy—a picture of the Great War—to prove that comedy was her strong point, but it’s true. If you saw the D. W. Griffith play, “Hearts of the World,” you will understand. This was a play with the scenes set in France, showing the havoc war made in the hearts of the people.

Honors (Kennedy Center) – The New Yorker (1982)

Honors (Kennedy Center) – The New Yorker (1982)A movable feast of parties, testimonials, and live entertainment which celebrates the careers of five distinguished Americans in the  performing  arts ­ this year they were George Abbott, Lillian Gish, Eugene Ormandy, Benny Goodman, and Gene  KellyLillian Gish (left) Mr. Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan 1982 – Kennedy CenterCARY GRANT gets stagefright, Benny Goodman is absent minded. George Abbott’s favorite song, now that he has directed ninety ­ nine plays and musicals, is “Falling in Love with Love,” from “The Boys from Syracuse.” Secretary of State George Shultz sports a red satin Marine dress cummerbund with his dinner jacket, because he used to be a Marine. Eddie Albert was trained in classical music at the Cincinnati Conservatory and is a Wagnerian – opera buff. Lillian Gish is an old friend of Nancy Reagan’s mother, and invited our First Lady to dinner frequently when Mrs. Reagan was a struggling young actress in New York. Gene…