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Honors (Kennedy Center) – The New Yorker (1982)

Honors (Kennedy Center) – The New Yorker (1982)A movable feast of parties, testimonials, and live entertainment which celebrates the careers of five distinguished Americans in the  performing  arts ­ this year they were George Abbott, Lillian Gish, Eugene Ormandy, Benny Goodman, and Gene  KellyLillian Gish (left) Mr. Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan 1982 – Kennedy CenterCARY GRANT gets stagefright, Benny Goodman is absent minded. George Abbott’s favorite song, now that he has directed ninety ­ nine plays and musicals, is “Falling in Love with Love,” from “The Boys from Syracuse.” Secretary of State George Shultz sports a red satin Marine dress cummerbund with his dinner jacket, because he used to be a Marine. Eddie Albert was trained in classical music at the Cincinnati Conservatory and is a Wagnerian – opera buff. Lillian Gish is an old friend of Nancy Reagan’s mother, and invited our First Lady to dinner frequently when Mrs. Reagan was a struggling young actress in New York. Gene…

The Price They Paid for Stardom – By Myrtle West (Photoplay Nov. 1926)

The Price They Paid for Stardom – By Myrtle West (Photoplay Nov. 1926)Photoplay November 1926 Vol. XXX Number SixThe Price They Paid for StardomBy Myrtle WestDo they profit by their popularity—or are they victims of fate?