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“The White Sister”—Inspiration – Pros and Cons

“The White Sister”—Inspiration – Pros and Cons“The White Sister”—InspirationLillian Gish, away from the guiding hand of Griffith, proves to be as moving as ever. In an emotional race with Vesuvius in eruption she captures all the honors. In her support she has a tragic but uplifting story, real Italian scenery, and a charming new leading man named Ronald Colman.Excerpts from – The White Sister – Picture-Play Magazine (Sep 1923-Feb 1924)Signed Promotional Photo – Lillian Gish and Ronald Colman – The White SisterSome Souvenir Postal Cards.Agnes Smith (Known MGM – professional hired – hater)Lillian Gish went to Italy to make “The White Sister,” and the result is some beautiful scenes showing native life and some shots of that great dramatic star, Mount Vesuvius. Miss Gish’s error was, not in going to Italy, but in taking a scenario of F. Marion Crawford’s novel with her. Of all the aggravating and annoying plots in the world, “The White Sister” is the worst, except maybe a few by Hall Ca…

Of Course You Know Dorothy – By Helen Klumph (Picture Play Magazine – January 1922)

Of Course You Know Dorothy – By Helen Klumph (Picture Play Magazine – January 1922)Picture Play Magazine – January 1922 Vol. XV No.5Of Course You Know DorothyEvery one knows the pert Miss Gish of comedy fame—but there is another side to Dorothy that you would like to know.By Helen KlumphDorothy as “The Little Disturber”LILLIAN GISH said it first; Dick Barthelmess said it to me a few days later ; every once in a while some one made the same remark to me—from Constance Talmadge to the little girl who writes fan letters to the stars.“Of course you know Dorothy !”And when I said that I didn’t the speaker would rave on about how ingratiating Dorothy Gish is. Frankly. I didn’t take it very seriously at first. I had an idea that you could get a fair sample of Dorothy’s repartee by going to any vaudeville show, and that she was about as charming as the young women in strip cartoons. I always went to her pictures, but I cherished the notion that her brain was of the jazz-record variety and tha…

Flashing Back to Romance – By Malcolm H. Oettinger (Picture Play Magazine – November 1921)

Flashing Back to Romance – By Malcolm H. Oettinger (Picture Play Magazine – November 1921)Picture Play Magazine – November 1921 Vol. XV No.3Flashing Back to RomanceIn which you are taken to see D.W. Griffith’s next huge production, a screen adaptation of “The Two Orphans,” now in the making; and to meet an actor, new to the screen, who is likely to be the sensation of the coming season.By Malcolm H. OettingerLillian Gish and Joseph Shildkraut – Orphans of the Storm – PromoTWO gleaming swords flashed in the golden sunlight as two nobles of the court of Louis XVI faced each other, the while courtiers and ladies clustered round in excitement. At the foot of the marble stairway they fenced, parrying and thrusting with fierce intensity, yet consummate grace. At one side a golden-haired country girl, beautiful as any of the towering belles of the court without a suggestion of their artificiality, watched the encounter with hope and anxiety staring from her wide eyes. “We shall see who recei…