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Famous Film Folk – Charles Donald Fox (1925)

  Famous Film Folk – Charles Donald Fox (1925) Famous Film Folk – Charles Donald Fox A Gallery of Life Portraits and Biographies New York, George H. Doran Company 1925 From the earliest days of motion pictures, screen “fans” have evinced a constantly growing interest in the lives of their favorite players. To-day finds many popular Magazines devoted to the silent drama, conducting departments wherein the editors endeavor to answer thousands of questions which are asked each month about favorite film folk. Such questions as, ”Where was Mary Pickford born?”, ”How old is Thomas Meighan?”, ”How much does Walter Hiers weigh?”, “Where did Corinne Griffith go to school?”, “What color eyes has Monte Blue?”, “Is Pola Negri Russian?”, “How old is Jackie Coogan?”, and countless others are on the tongues of all lovers of the silent drama. It is the purpose of this volume to answer not only these questions, but many similar ones. On the following pages are biographies of many of the leading players

HEARTS OF THE WORLD – Iris Barry (1965)

  HEARTS OF THE WORLD – Iris Barry (1965) D.W Griffith American Film Master by Iris Barry With an annotated list of films by Eileen Bowser The Museum of Modern Art, New York Hearts of The World HEARTS OF THE WORLD Opened at the 44th Street Theatre, New York, April 4, 1918. 12 reels. Directed by D. W. Griffith; scenario by M. Gaston de Tolignac, translated into English by Capt. Victor Marier (both pseudonyms for D. W. Griffith); photographed by G. W. Bitzer; technical supervision by Erich Von Stroheim; music arranged by Carli Elinor and Griffith. Cast: The Grandfather – Adolphe Lestina The Mother – Josephine Crowell The Girl, Marie Stephenson – Lillian Gish The Boy, Douglas Gordon Hamilton – Robert Harron The Father of the Boy – Jack Cosgrave The Mother of the Boy – Kate Bruce The Littlest Brother – Ben Alexander The Boy’s Other Brothers – M. Emmons, F. Marion The Little Disturber – Dorothy Gish Monsieur Cuckoo – Robert Anderson The Village Carpenter – George Fawcett Von Strohm – George