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A Passage to India – 1963

  A Passage to India – 1963 Chicago Tribune – Tuesday, January 8, 1963 Page 25 Old Movie Days Recalled Lillian Gish Feted at Luncheon By Mary Middleton “Lillian Gish, she’s my dish!” chanted the parrot Mrs. Solomon B. Smith took to Mrs. Homer P. Hargrave’s luncheon for the actress yesterday. “I lived with a parrot for 20 years,” Miss Gish exclaimed. “We named it John – and it laid an egg!” Mrs. Smith’s parrot wasn’t real; it was a mechanical bird with a tape recorder in its base which also told listeners that Miss Gish is starring in “A Passage to India,” opening Friday in the Goodman theater. The play’s setting was inspiration for the curried chicken luncheon, for the Indian airlines ticket folders that were guests’ place cards, for the poster of the Taj Mahal which was hung in the little foyer of the Hargraves’ apartment, and for the Chinese fortune cookies that opened to reveal predictions of Miss Gish’s performance in Chicago. Colleen Moore and Lillian Gish ’60s Following a short e

Lillian Gish Photo Gallery (V)

  Lillian Gish Photo Gallery (V) Kindly scroll down to tiled photo gallery and from there choose individual view to download or view photographs in hi res format. Once selected choose from bottom right corner download options. Lillian Gish 1924 Trading Card Lillian Gish as Pauli Arndt ‘The Enemy’ L. to R. – Hendrik Sartov (cinematographer), King Vidor (director), Irving Thalberg (producer) & Lillian Gish, on the set of La Bohème – publicity still John Cromwell and Lillian Gish in ”A wedding” 1978 — promo Constance Towers, Lillian Gish and John Lindsey (Mayor of NY) – Photo Anya Dec 5 1965 Lillian Gish by Roddy McDowall – 1989 (book) THE SCARLET LETTER (1926) On-Set Candid Lillian Gish & Director Victor Sjöström ”Annie Laurie” 1 ”Annie Laurie” 2 ”Annie Laurie” 3 Creighton Hale and Lillian Gish — ”Annie Laurie” Lillian Gish 1924 Trading Card Lillian Gish — Portrait 1920’s Ross Verlag postcard Lillian Gish — Angela Chiaromonte in ”The White Sister” photographed by James Abbe Lilli