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HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY – HORS D’OEUVRES (1992) – by Gregory Speck

HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY – HORS D’OEUVRES (1992) – by Gregory Speck Lillian Gish HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY – HORS D’OEUVRES (1992) BY Gregory Speck Journalist Gregory Speck, best known for articles originally published in Interview magazine, has woven interviews with these stars into one extended conversation. Everyone from Lillian Gish, Helen Hayes, and James Cagney to Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland confides memories of their peers, like Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Gary Cooper, Vivien Leigh, Henry Fonda, Ingrid Bergman, Spencer Tracy, and Jean Harlow. The book also includes vivid character portraits of the great directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock, William Wyler, and John Huston, and hilarious anecdotes about the making of cinematic masterpieces, such as Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, and Moby Dick. Irving G. Thalberg, Lillian Gish, Louis B. Mayer 1926 Everyone at MGM knew that Greta Garbo was having an affair with Jack Gilbert, and that

Don’t You Wish You Were a Gish ? (Film Flashes - 1916)

Don’t You Wish You Were a Gish ? (Film Flashes 1916) Film Flashes (1916) The Wit and Humor of a Nation in Pictures Don’t You Wish You Were a Gish ? Dorothy Gish was trying on a stunning summer hat before the cheval glass. Lillian Gish was serenely embroidering a front of a crepe-de-chine negligee. She loves to embroider — and after a while she gets all the tablecloths and the centerpieces and the doilies and the napkins and dresser scarfs in the house done and falls back on her clothes. Every once in awhile she glanced admiringly at Dorothy, who was prancing back and forth in front of the mirror, as every girl does who is trying on a nifty new hat. It wasn’t her hat, either. All the reason why she should covet it. “Doesn’t that hat look nice on Dorothy?” said Lillian calmly. “I suppose I might just as well say good-by to it right now. It would be a shame not to give it to her when she looks so well in it. That girl has no sense of property rights, anyhow. She’