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The sad story of “The Gish Film Theater”

  The sad story of “The Gish Film Theater” The sad story of “The Gish”, victim of ignorance, politics (money) and hatred   Posted By: David Dupont October 18, 2016 By DAVID DUPONT BG Independent News The theater in Hanna Hall faces relocation as Bowling Green State University makes plans to convert the 95-year-old building into a new home for the College of Business Administration. That would mean the removal of the theater, its affiliated gallery and the Wolfe video collection and viewing room from Hanna Hall. University officials have promised to find a new home for the facility on campus.  Wolfe, who is the founder and curator of the theater, said that he’s been told the theater would move into the theater space now in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. But that would not have room for the collections of memorabilia and the video collection, he said. “The theater space in the student union can in no way rival the aesthetics of this space and will not have the gallery documenting the