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My Sister and I – By Lillian Gish (November 1927, ”Theatre Magazine”)

  My Sister and I – By Lillian Gish (November 1927, ”Theatre Magazine”) My Sister and I Celebrity of the Screen Pays a Remarkable and Touching Tribute to Her Chum Relative – Dorothy By Lillian Gish November 1927, ”Theatre Magazine” *** This story was included in Miss Gish’s autobiography ”The Movies Mr. Griffith and Me” with the mention ”During this period, Dorothy and I wrote character sketches of each other for Stage magazine. I wrote of her:” She is a criticism of all the things I am not. When I look at her, I always miss in myself the qualities that I was born without and that, I daresay, I should have been much happier with. She is laughter, even on the cloudy days of life; nothing bothers her or saddens her or concerns her lastingly. Trouble gives only an evanescent shadow to her eyes and is banished with a shrug of a shoulder. Work to her, however, is play. Had she been born a boy, she would, I feel certain, have smeared her face with brown butternut oil and gone ’round the worl