How to be beautiful – By Hester Hoffmann (Pittsburgh Post)

How to be beautiful – By Hester Hoffmann (Pittsburgh Post)

How to be beautiful – Lillian Gish warns woman to be careful of her profile
By Hester Hoffmann
Profile Lillian Gish cca 1920
“Why don’t you ask a movie actress,” said the editor to me as I impatiently said, “I wish some pretty woman should tell me how to be beautiful!”
“It is the pretty girl that gets the plums of life, including a job in a moving picture studio,” I told that editor, who seemed to be laughing at me, “and not withstanding all this talk in the newspapers on the subject, I don’t think many of us have realized its importance even now.”
“Oh, a woman’s looks always are of the greatest importance to her,” he said sarcastically.
“Do you mean to say that a woman’s looks are of no importance to men?” I queried, and after which impertinence I hied me to find out what the pretty Gish girls did to keep their beauty fresh and wholesome.
Lillian Gish Profile Romola
“I believe,” said lovely Lillian Gish, “that every girl should be especially careful of her profile. The moment your cheeks begin to sag or you get too fat under the chin or a lump at the back of your neck you are lost.”
Lillian Gish Profile Elsie Stoneman 1915 (Birth)
“They tell me age attacks the profile first; therefore, I take these throat exercises every morning and evening. Throw your head back as far as it will go and then forward so that your chin will rest on your chest. Do this 10 times. Then turn your head as far around to one side and then the other without turning your shoulders.”
Lillian Gish profile cca 1920
“Remember that unless you have a straight nose you must never wear your hair in a psyche and don’t draw your chin back into your throat, for that is death to a good profile.”
Lillian Gish profile cca 1919
How to be beautiful - By Hester Hoffmann
How to be beautiful – By Hester Hoffmann

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