Lillian Gish visits Berlin Germany -1928-


Lillian Gish visits Berlin Germany -1928-

Miss Gish spent six months abroad conferring with Reinhardt and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Austrian poet-playwright, who wrote the play for Miss Gish. Raimund von Hofmannsthal, son of the author, is accompanying the party to the west coast.

Lillian Gish continues to keep her diminutive person in the playgrounds of Europe, but she has her eye and her mind on her work. We learn that she is deep in the throes of working on a scenario, written for her by Hugo von Hoffmanstal and Max Reinhardt. Upon Joseph Schenck’s recent arrival in Europe, Professor Reinhardt, who will direct Miss Gish’s next production, gave a dinner party for his future star, at Schloss Leopoldskron, whereafter the wizard of Leopoldskron took occasion to settle much of the speculation as to the future plans of himself and Miss Gish.

Lillian Gish 1928 – Suddeutsche Zeitung Munich

“I hope to be able to start on the screening of Miss Gish’s picture in Hollywood, in the early part of December,” said the Herr Direktor. “While both Miss Gish and myself would like to make the picture, which is as yet unnamed, on this side of the Atlantic, technical considerations make American production preferable.

“I am going to produce this one American film, to see whether I am competent to remain in the motion picture field. If the experiment is reasonably successful, I shall embark upon production in Germany, with the help, I hope, of my American friends and collaborators.

Lillian Gish at the balcony of the Esplanade Hotel Berlin 1928
Max Reinhardt mit Lillian Gish im Hotel Esplanade in Berlin 1928

Lillian Gish – the Esplanade Hotel Berlin 1928

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