Afra Antics – 1940 (program)


Afra Antics – 1940 (program)

  • Afra Antics – 1940
  • (Life With Father)

Miss Lillian Gish appears through courtesy of Oscar Serlin. Mr. Elliott Nugent appears through courtesy of Herman Shumlin. Miss Roberts, Miss Parks, Miss Martin, Miss Ryan, Miss Brilhante and Mr. Guilbert, Mr Johnson, Mr. Albertson, Mr. Arkm. Mr. Boyle appear through courtesy of the Hollywood Theatre Alliance and the management of the Grand Opera House. Willie Shore appears through courtesy of the Hi-Hat Club.

Lillian Gish as Vinnie in Life With Father -- 1940
Lillian Gish as Vinnie in Life With Father — 1940


To the Chairmen and members of all committees, who have willingly devoted their time and labor to insure the success of our “AFRA ANTICS” of 1940.

To all AFRA members who have been generous enough to make personal appearances in an aid to publicity and whose names could not be added to those on this page due to a dead-line with the printer—In the name of AFRA—THANK YOU! If any names have been omitted, please credit it to human frailty and bear in mind that “To err is human, to forgive divine.”

PHILIP LORD, Chairman,


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