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LILLIAN GISH Beloved Star of Screen and Stage FIRST TIME ON THE LECTURE PLATFORM Figure From HOLLYWOOD To BROADWAY LILLIAN GISH, the lecturer, is as lucid, interesting, intelligent and charming as Miss Gish, the actress. The audience enjoyed every moment of her presence, and regretted the inevitability of her lecture having to come to a close. A great artist and a warm human being was with us and like royalty, nothing she did or said could be wrong. JULIUS BLOOM, Director Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, N. Y. MISS LILLIAN GISH A foremost personality in motion pictures and on the stage for many years Miss Lillian Gish now affords her numerous admirers an opportunity to meet her personally through the medium of the lecture platform. Nearly everybody in America saw her in such motion picture classics as The Birth of a Nation, Way Down East, Broken Blossoms, Orphans of the Storm, and The White Sister, and on the stage she repeated her success in The Star Wagon, Uncle Vanya and Life With Father. Her extraordinary personal charm and her long association with the outstanding personalities of stage and screen make her discussion of From Broadway to Hollywood an unparalleled attraction for a lecture engagement. FigureMuseum of Modern Art Film Library In The Birth Of A Nation At the age of six Lillian Gish made her stage debut. Her early theatrical experience included one season in support of the great Mme. Sarah Bernhardt. In 1913 she appeared in her first screen production The Unseen Enemy. Later David Belasco gave her a part in his stage production A Good Little Devil. At the conclusion of this run she returned to motion picture work under the direction of David Wark Griffith, starring in some of the greatest films in history. Figure Museum of Modern Art Film Library In Orphans Of The Storm Lillian Gish returned to the stage in 1930 in Anton Chekov's Uncle Vanya and later in Dumas' Camille, and other productions in the United States and in Europe. She appeared at the famous Empire Theatre in New York as Ophelia in Hamlet and won new acclaim in The Star Wagon, and as Vinnie Day in Life with Father. She recently made her first appearance in talking pictures in a brilliant characterization in The Commandos Strike at Dawn. In real life the same charming character that she has made alive on the screen and stage, Lillian Gish is the lecture platform's newest and most delightful personality. Her beauty, intelligence and wit set her apart from all other speakers. Figure Lillian Gish with Malcolm who also participates in the program Exclusive Management N C A C NATIONAL CONCERT AND ARTISTS CORPORATION 711 FIFTH AVENUE, N. Y. C. PLaza 3-0820

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