The Movies, Mr.Griffith and Me - quote

"I surely take no pleasure in being the rather melancholy person I am. I too, would like to believe in all the lovely rainbows in which Dorothy believes. I, too, would surely be happy to find some day that hard work was not hard work at all but just a charming pastime. Unfortunately for me, however, a Klieg light is just a Klieg light and not the English moon. // As a little girl, I wasn't much good at playing and I find that, try as I will, I don't play very convincingly today. When Dorothy goes to a party, the party becomes a party; when I go to one, I'm afraid it very often stops being a party. // I am not unhappy. I simply am not gay. It must have rained in the evening I was born, and it seems arbitrarily to have kept on raining in my heart ever since." (The Movies, Mr.Griffith and Me).


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