Actors Talk – By Dennis Brown (1999) – Lillian Gish


Actors Talk – By Dennis Brown (1999) – Lillian Gish

  • Actors Talk – By Dennis Brown (1999)
  • Profiles and Stories from the Acting Trade
  • Limelight Editions New York
  • First edition – December 1999

The first actors in my consciousness were movie stars. When I was a youngster growing up in St. Louis, grade school was little more than a week-long respite between movies. An ideal weekend meant being allowed to go to the movies Friday night, Saturday matinee, Saturday night and Sunday matinee. So many movies seen and since forgotten.

Because actors are storytellers foremost, what follows is a veritable cornucopia of stories … stories about naiveté and insecurity, about choices made and lessons learned. Stories lived and now shared.

So it is with actors. They don’t need me to rationalize their existence; let them speak for themselves. (Dennis Brown)

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