Souls Triumphant (1917)

Souls Triumphant (1917)

Director: John B. O’Brien
Writers: Mary H. O’Connor (screenplay), Mary H. O’Connor (story “The Little Savior”) Stars: Lillian Gish, Wilfred Lucas, Spottiswoode Aitken Considered to be a lost film. Runtime 50 min (USA) Sound Mix Silent Color Black and White Aspect Ratio 1.33 : 1 Film Length (5 reels) Negative Format 35 mm Cinematographic Process Spherical Printed Film Format 35 mm Lillian Gish as Lillian Vale Wilfred Lucas as Robert Powers Spottiswoode Aitken as Josiah Vale Louise Hamilton as Hattie Lee Kate Bruce Jennie Lee

Motion Picture Magazine – August 1917

“Souls Triumphant” (Triangle-Fine Arts). An excellent story. A rich city rogue falls deeply in love with a country minister’s daughter. On the eve of their wedding the fast woman whom he had broken off with, entices him to a farewell gayety. The girl learns of her fiance’s defection, but her love is strong enough to forgive. A happy married life ensues for three years. Then the woman finding herself without resources pursues the husband again. On the evening that the adventuress arrives in their town, the wife is called to her dying father’s bedside and is compelled to leave their small son in the father’s care. Thinking the boy is safe, sleeping, the father goes to meet the woman. On his return home he finds his house burnt to the ground and no trace of the sleeping child. He seeks his wife who is again enabled to forgive him. Then their child comes running in. It seems the wife had seen the woman and surmising her reason for being there had returned and taken the lad with her. There is an excellent use of suspense.
Lillian Gish and Wilfred Lucas prove themselves indeed emotional artists. Louise Hamilton as the other woman gives a very poor impression of her ability as a photoplayer.
Motion Picture Magazine – August 1917

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