Stars of the Screen and Their Stars in the Sky – By Ellen Woods (Photoplay Magazine 1918)

Stars of the Screen and Their Stars in the Sky – By Ellen Woods (Photoplay Magazine 1918)

Photoplay Magazine April 1918

Stars of the Screen and Their Stars in the Sky

By Ellen Woods
Nativity of Miss Lillian Gish, Born Oct. 14th. MISS GISH was fortunate in having had the seventeenth degree of the Zodiacal sign Libra on the eastern horizon at her birth. I will quote Dr. Siminite in his Arcana of Astral Philosophy, page 35: “Fro m fifteen to twenty degrees of Libra ascending, shows a very comely creature, inclined to tallness, slender in the waist, roundish visage, clean white complexion, neat lips and nose, grey eyes, light or flaxon hair, long arms, hands and fingers, white soft skin, a most complete and lasting beauty.” I have had the pleasure of meeting Miss Gish and can verify the quotation in every respect. Libra not only gives her children beauty, but endows them with great gentleness, straightforwardness, and pure moral principles; it renders the soul merciful and the heart affectionate and constant. The disposition is frank, open, confiding, slightly melancholy; anger is easily aroused and rapidly quieted down again. The will-power, although plentiful, knows not how to bring about final results. This lady will have three moods, each one trying to dominate the other: First, Venus ascending causes her to love bright and joyous people around, while the Sun conjoined gives her a great desire to be at the head, and command others in a stately way, and Saturn ascending with the others will incline her to solitude, deeper reading and to meet people who are many years older than she. She should not remain long under the hot Sun, as it will draw out the vitality and weaken the constitution. She should avoid large bodies of fresh water such as the Great Lakes, while the salt water is most beneficial to her.

Lillian Gish Natal Chart

The Hand of Lillian Gish
The Hand of Lillian Gish

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