The Lillian Gish Frock – (Photoplay July 1925)

The Lillian Gish Frock – (Photoplay July 1925)

Photoplay – July 1925

The Lillian Gish Frock

Dress Like a Star on an Extras Income

Lillian Gish Frock 1925 4
The original Parisian design of this lovely Lillian Gish frock cost a king’s ransom—perhaps one should say the week’s salary of a screen star. We first saw it in an exclusive Fifth Avenue shop at something over three hundred dollars, met it again just off the avenue for considerably less and were so impressed with its simplicity and charm that we obtained the exact duplicate of this copy Lillian Gish owns, for you, at $49.75
Lillian Gish Frock 1
This newest summer frock of the wistful Lillian’s is of heavy white crepe de chine with red embroidered dots. It may be had also in white with blue or black dots, black with white dots and tan with brown dots. It is one of those remarkable dresses whose lines become either the girl of 14 or the woman of 40—in sizes from misses’ 14 to 34 and 38 to 44
Lillian Gish Frock 2
The first in a Series of Stars Frocks selected for you through the Photoplay Shopping Service
Photoplay (July 1925) Lillian Gish Frock
Photoplay (July 1925) Lillian Gish Frock

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