A Tribute to Lillian Diana Gish, filmography, stageography, video footage, over 600 magazines, newspapers and books

 A Tribute to Lillian Diana Gish, still frames, posters. There was no website with detailed info and extended photo gallery. Photographs and books scattered on E Bay and Amazon, “Official”websites containing masked corporate advertisements. "How beautiful, never heard of her" - comment written by a social media user in April 2017. The Gish Film Theater, the only museum left to honor Lillian Gish and Dorothy Gish, established in 1976 with generous contributions from prestigious artists and other personalities, was demolished in 2018.

If the present period is one of heightened concerns about race, it is also one with a reawakened feminism, a fresh emphasis on the need to recover and remember a long-suppressed history of women including their pioneering contributions to cinema. One sure way to rebuild support for the Gish Film Theater is to remind people of the roles of Lillian and Dorothy as strong, emancipated women at a time when females were struggling to obtain the vote and define themselves as something other than the property of their husbands.
“Oh, all the charming ghosts I feel around me who should share this! It was our privilege for a little while to serve that beautiful thing, the film, and we never doubted for a moment that it was the most powerful thing, the mind and heartbeat of our technical century.”

Lillian and Dorothy Gish’s legacy in film needs to be REMEMBERED and HONORED at Bowling Green State University and in their state of Ohio and the rest of the world, NOT ERASED!

“For a university to dishonor her by singling out just one film, however offensive it is, is unfortunate and unjust. Doing so makes her a scapegoat in a broader political debate. A university should be a bastion of free speech.”

Over five thousand photographs available for download, watermark free, the first (and only) website that brings as tribute to Miss Lillian Gish her history, filmography, stageography, video footage, over 600 magazines, newspapers and books, all free for the brave few, who are still in love with the "golden era"...


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