Lillian Gish As She Is … (Ross 1920)


Lillian Gish As She Is … (Ross 1920)

Lillian Gish As She Is To Those Who Know Her

Ross Publishing Co. NY 1920

“I am so glad of this opportunity to talk with all my fan friends,” laughed Lillian Gish. “I is a treat to tell you all of my real thoughts, and how I actually live, instead of having people judge me by my expression on the motion picture screen, I hope you’ll find that I am not the ‘tragic flower’ the magazines say I am. First of all, I am not frail.”

“My engagement for motion pictures was quite by accident. Years ago Mary Pickford and her mother, and Dorothy, Mother, and myself shared an apartment in New York City as a matter of economy. Mary secured an engagement with the Biograph Company and one day out of curiosity I went down to the studio to see her work. Mr. Griffith was directing a picture at the time. He saw both Dorothy and myself and evidently thought we might become successful screen players.”

She is a girl of nature, loves flowers, particularly roses, and can be seen almost any day trimming the vines and hedges or raking the grass about her home. She has been called the “delicate flower” in the Griffith tapestries, but she is probably one of the most self-sustaining bodies in filmdom. She needs no helping hand to change her costumes and house dresses.

  • “The Little Movie Mirror Books” featuring Lillian Gish.
  • NEW YORK 1920

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