Cinematernity – by Lucy Fischer (1996) PDF Download


Cinematernity – by Lucy Fischer (1996) PDF Download

  • Cinematernity – by Lucy Fischer
  • 1996 by Princeton University Press
  • Published by Princeton University Press, 41 William Street, Princeton, New Jersey 08540
  • In the United Kingdom: Princeton University Press, Chichester, West Sussex

Noting that filmmakers and critics have often used motherhood as a metaphor to describe film production and the cinematic apparatus, Lucy Fischer undertakes the first investigation of how the topic of motherhood presents itself throughout a wide range of film genres. Until now melodramas have figured most prominently in discussions of maternity; these films, along with musicals and screwball comedies, have traditionally been viewed as “women’s” cinema. Fischer, however, defies gender- based classifications to show how motherhood has played a fundamental role in the overall cinematic experience. She begins by arguing that motherhood is often treated as a site of crisis—for example, the theme of the mother being blamed for the ills afflicting her offspring—then shows the tendency of certain genres to specialize in representing a particular social or psychological dimension in the thematics of maternity.

Cinematernity – by Lucy Fischer 1996 – front cover

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