Famous Film Folk – Charles Donald Fox (1925) PDF Download


Famous Film Folk – Charles Donald Fox (1925) PDF Download

Such questions as, ”Where was Mary Pickford born?”, ”How old is Thomas Meighan?”, ”How much does Walter Hiers weigh?”, “Where did Corinne Griffith go to school?”, “What color eyes has Monte Blue?”, “Is Pola Negri Russian?”, “How old is Jackie Coogan?”, and countless others are on the tongues of all lovers of the silent drama. It is the purpose of this volume to answer not only these questions, but many similar ones. On the following pages are biographies of many of the leading players of the screen. Though necessarily brief and crisp, the author believes they contain the salient facts in each star’s story—the things each “fan” wants to know. CHARLES DONALD FOX Hollywood, California. May, 1925.

The White Sister

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