“A Romance Of Happy Valley” 1919 – Entire film


“A Romance Of Happy Valley” 1919 – Entire film

The war is over. Griffith has demobilized his soldiers, converted his trenches into corn fields and stacked his guns in an armory. He is back again among simple, peaceful folk whose problems and struggles are in their own hearts. He is doing more superbly than ever, what he has done so surpassingly well in the past. Recall Griffith’s early Biographs: then consider the great advance made in photoplay technique since those days, also the development in the screen impressiveness of such players as Lillian Gish and Bobby Harron; take into account the improvement in the art of the master director, imagine a de-luxe version of one of his little masterpieces, and you will have an idea of the type of picture issued under the title of “A Romance of Happy Valley”.

D. W. Griffith presents “A Romance Of Happy Valley” – Artcraft

  • DIRECTOR D. W. Griffith.
  • AUTHOR Mary Castleman.
  • CAMERAMAN G. W. Bitzer.
  • AS A WHOLE Beautiful production filled with human touches, genuine comedy and irresistible heart appeal.
  • STORY Simple narrative of country folk; natural up to final sequences which run into some unexpected drama.
  • DIRECTION Characteristic of Griffith in perfection of treatment of situations and handling of players.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Flawless
  • LIGHTINGS Superb; artistic effects that suggest the paintings of a landscape artist.
  • CAMERA WORK On a par with the lightings and photography.
  • PLAYERS Lillian Gish, Robert Harron and George Fawcett give notable performances; remainder of cast up to Griffith standard.
  • EXTERIORS Couldn’t be better in carrying the atmosphere of a country town.
  • INTERIORS Always in the tone of the action.
  • DETAIL Shows genius in picking out the trifles that give significance to life.
  • CHARACTER OF STORY Refreshing, sympathetic and wholesome.


“A Romance Of Happy Valley” 1919 – HDV 720P 29,97 fps

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