True Heart Susie (1919) Entire film

True Heart Susie (1919) Entire film

Director: D.W. Griffith

Writer: Marian Fremont (story)

Released under Paramount Pictures’ prestigious Artcraft label.

In 1919 Adolph Zukor devised a three-tiered brand system – the Artcraft division for its high-end, A-list product (ones that could command higher roadshow admissions in major cities) and Realart on the opposite end. The middle tier, which comprised the bulk of the studio’s mainstream releases, was the Paramount banner. This quality classification existed for five years.

Note: The life-story of handsome Harron — who had earlier co-starred in the modern episode of Griffith’s Intolerance (1916) — is quite tragic and mysterious; he died from a gunshot wound the year after this film was released, under shadowy circumstances.

  • Lillian Gish … True Heart Susie
  • Robert Harron … William Jenkins
  • Wilbur Higby … William’s father
  • Loyola O’Connor … Susie’s aunt
  • George Fawcett … The Stranger
  • Clarine Seymour … Bettina Hopkins
  • Kate Bruce … Bettina’s aunt
  • Carol Dempster … Bettina’s friend
  • Raymond Cannon … Sporty Malone
True Heart Susie (1919) Entire film

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