Photoplay Magazine ‘33 - Real Critics, the Fans ...

Photoplay Magazine ‘33
The Real Critics, the Fans, Give Their Views
$10.00 Letter
Los Angeles, Calif.

While dining in a Los Angeles restaurant one evening, I met a crippled man who was bubbling over with his good fortune, in obtaining a few days' work in pictures. But
to him the outstanding event of that particular day was when a lovely lady drove up to where about fifty of the crippled "boys" were working on location, and treated them generously with ice cream. Afterwards they learned that she was the famous actress, Lillian Gish.
Tears came into the poor fellow's eyes as he told me of this slight experience. Pondering afterwards on how these boys had been touched by her thoughtful act, I took the liberty of writing Miss Gish and telling her
how much it was enjoyed and appreciated. In due time, I received an answer from Miss Gish, overflowing with kindest appreciation of my letter and happiness at learning the pleasure her "tiniest act," as she termed it, had brought the men. The world admires at a distance the brilliant work of its great men and women, but when we discover that, in addition to being brilliant and wise, they are also generous and tender, we do more than admire them; we love them.
Vinton A. Holbrook.


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