Hobson’s Choice – 1983

Hobson’s Choice – 1983

Director: Gilbert Cates
Writers: Burt Prelutsky, Harold Brighouse (play)
Stars: Richard Thomas, Sharon Gless, Jack Warden, Lillian Gish
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 21 December 1983 (USA)
Also Known As: El déspota
Filming Locations: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Sharon Gless Jack Warden Lillian Gish - Hobson's Choice
Sharon Gless Jack Warden Lillian Gish – Hobson’s Choice

In this film, Robert Englund plays a character named “Freddy”, one year before his classic Freddy Krueger appearance in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and its sequels.
Writing Credits Burt Prelutsky
Harold Brighouse…(play)
  • Richard Thomas…Will Mossup
    Sharon Gless…Maggie Hobson
    Jack Warden…Henry Horatio Hobson
    Lillian Gish…Miss Molly Winkle
    Bert Remsen…Homer Ralston
    Wynn Irwin…A.D. Hallem
    Lenora May…Vickey Hobson
    Jennifer Holmes…Alice Hobson
    Robert Englund…Freddy Beenstock
    Frank Dent…Albert Prosser
    Henry G. Sanders…Tubby Wadlow
    Duncan Ross…Dr. McFarlane
    Robert Earle…Ross Ferber
    Bill Holliday…Bob McCaulley
    Michael Morrison…Joey
    Ron Gural…Red
    Jack Hollahan…Father Lawrence
    Becki Davis…Mabel Higgins
    Lenore Banks…Mrs. Higgins
    Stocker Fontelieu…Mr. Monroe
    Barbara Chaney…Miss Amy
    Lyla Hay Owen…Waitress
    Matt Borel…Taxi Driver
    Donna Thompson…Bank Teller
    Kinard Fite…Bank Teller
    Charles Szasley…Trumpeter (Father)

1983 Richard Thomas Lillian Gish Hobsons Choice VINTAGE TV PHOTO 914A
1983 Richard Thomas Lillian Gish Hobsons Choice

This third film version of Harold Brighthouse’s play Hobson’s Choice moves the locale from turn-of-century London to 1914 New Orleans. Horatio Hobson (Jack Warden) is the boozy, tyrannical owner of a shoe store. Hobson’s daughter Maggie (Sharon Gless) falls in love with humble shoe clerk Will Mossup (Richard Thomas). When Hobson refuses to give the relationship his blessing, Maggie huffily takes her new boy friend out of the store to set up her own shop–which soon threatens to put Hobson out of business. In her last TV appearance, Lillian Gish plays the elderly benefactor who enables Will and Maggie to declare their independence. Hobson’s Choice first aired on December 21, 1983. PS: A musical version of the play, Walking Happy, ran on Broadway in the mid-1960s, with Norman Wisdom starring as Will Glossop.

Sharon Gless Jack Warden Lillian Gish - Hobson's Choice 1983
Richard Thomas Sharon Gless Jack Warden Lillian Gish – Hobson’s Choice 1983

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