Gossip of all the Studios – By Cal York (Photoplay – 1929)


Gossip of all the Studios – By Cal York (Photoplay – 1929)

  • Photoplay – November 1929
  • Gossip of all the Studios – By Cal York

LILLIAN GISH is back in New York after a long stay abroad, waiting to make “The Swan.” She’s living at a quiet little hotel on a side street—going to the theater now and again with George Jean Nathan, who seems as devoted as ever.

Lillian Gish

Oddly enough, she came back on the same ship with her former boss, Charles H. Duell, who sues her for millions every now and then, and spent most of the trip avoiding him, to hear her tell it. Her mother, Mrs. May Gish, is in London, carefully tended by Sister Dorothy.

Dorothy Gish – Nell Gwyn

Mrs. Gish’s health is a little improved. She’s been an invalid now for some years, you remember.

DOROTHY, by the way, has had a successful voice test made in England and will appear in a British talkie, “Wolves.”

Funny, but Dorothy has her best luck in England. She made her best picture, “Nell Gwyn,” over there, and the British public adores her. A few months ago Dorothy told me that she was afraid to have a voice test made, in spite of her success on the stage. But she doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything in London!

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