“One Romantic Night” (The Swan) Entire Film


“One Romantic Night” (The Swan) Entire Film

The story is an adaptation of Ferenc Molnar’s play “The Swan,” seen on the stage in London. Lillian Gish has a freshness that is not common among the goddesses of Hollywood. Conrad Nagel and Rod la Rocque look and play their parts excellently well. O. P. Heggie makes a splendid and knowing “Father Benedict” and Marie Dressler again gives of her genius.

“One Romantic Night” was a photographically beautiful picture, with a distinguished cast. Lillian, as Princess Alexandra; Rod La Roque, as the Prince (sent, against his will, to woo her); Marie Dressler, as her designing mother; Conrad Nagel, as a tutor, in love with Alexandra; O. P. Heggie—altogether a fine company. Yet it has been called a poor picture, and Lillian today is not proud of her part in it. It was by no means a failure. Never had she looked more lovely. No longer a victim of tyranny, brutality and betrayal, but a Princess, as rare as any out of a fairy tale, with a palace and a rose garden and suitors, with a lilting, perfectly-timed voice, Lillian appeared to have come into her own.

Director: Paul L. Stein

Writers: Maxwell Anderson (adaptation) Melville Baker (adaptation) 3 May 1930 (USA)

  • Lillian Gish … Princess Alexandra
  • Rod La Rocque … Prince Albert
  • Conrad Nagel … Dr. Nicholas Haller
  • Marie Dressler … Princess Beatrice
  • O.P. Heggie … Father Benedict
  • Albert Conti … Count Lutzen
  • Edgar Norton … Colonel Wunderlich
  • Billie Bennett … Princess Symphorosa
  • Philippe De Lacy … Prince George
  • Byron Sage … Prince Arsene
  • Barbara Leonard … Mitzi
One Romantic Night – adaptation from Molnar’s play The Swan

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