Diana of the Follies – Los Angeles Herald (1916)


Diana of the Follies – Los Angeles Herald (1916)

  • Los Angeles Herald, Volume XLII, Number 282, 25 September 1916
  • Diana of the Follies

With Lillian Gish as the Vivacious Star

A dramatic right-about-face, that has tested Miss Lillian Gish’s gifts as an actress to the utmost. The little star, who has been sweet, submissive and “sobby’’ so often, has suddenly become a dashing chorus girl in this, her newest and most startling vehicle. Of course Diana does not remain a chorus girl. That is where she is found when the story opens. A great many things happen in a surprising way, when she becomes the wife of a wealthy young man. The most elaborate production yet made for the Triangle program.

Diane of The Follies – Lillian Gish

As the Vivacious Star Interesting to women are the marvelous gowns, 67 in number, which are worn b the women in the cast. Nineteen are won by Miss Gish herself, which makes the play a wonderful fashion show as well as a dramatic entertainment. The Jewels worn by Lillian Gish were loaned by a jeweler of Los Angeles. She adorns herself with a pearl necklace worth $30,000.00, a coronet worth $20,000.00, rings worth $7,000.00 : and bracelet worth $3,000.00. in addition to her own jewelry valued at $l5, 000. The total is $75,000.

Los Angeles Herald – Diane of the Follies 1916

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