Lillian Gish Eschews Carrots in Federal Court (Santa Cruz Evening News, 1925)


Lillian Gish Eschews Carrots in Federal Court (Santa Cruz Evening News, 1925)

  • Santa Cruz Evening News, Volume 35, Number 123, 26 March 1925
  • Lillian Gish Eschews Carrots in Federal Court

NEW YORK, March 26. George W. Newgass, once personal attorney of Lillian Gish, motion picture actress, had an uncomfortable time of it in Judge Mack’s court yesterday, under the sarcastic, rapid-fire cross examination of Max Steuer, representing Miss Gish, who is seeking !o have her contract with Charles H. Duel!, motion picture producer, annulled. Newgass was Miss Gish’s attorney from 1920 until last September. On the stand he insinuated that Miss Gish was a film star only when under the direction of a master mind, and that any other grade of producer would be taking chances with her. Recalled at the request of Steuer, Newgass found himself unable to answer many of Steuer’s questions. He displayed a loss of memory regarding dates, figures and other things about which he was questioned. Steuer finally lost patience with him and openly charged him with evading the questions. Judge Mack took a hand at this juncture and began repeating Sleuer’s questions. Miss Gish, who had been bored at the beginning of the hearing, began to take notice and as her former attorney became more and more discomfited she smiled, first sweetly, and then laughed until tears ran. down her face. Steuer forced Newgass to admit that while he had been working for Miss Gish he had actually been on the payroll as Duell’s lawyer, lie also admitted that he had not advised Miss Gish to the importance of her contract with Duell.

Lillian Gish and her lawyer Max Steuer – the Duell trial in 1925

NEW YORK, March 26. – Lillian Gish did not munch carrots in federal court today. The film actress disappointed a throng of stenographers who jammed the tiny courtroom in which the suit of Charles II. Duell, motion picture producer, seeking to restrain Miss Gish from making pictures for others is being heard. Taking advantage of a lull in the proceedings, however, Miss Gish explained to newspaper men that she chewed carrots because of their value as “food for the complexion” and to allay her nervousness in the courtroom.

Lillian Gish and The Carrot syndrome 1925

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