An Indian’s Loyalty 1913 – MOTOGRAPHY – October 7, 1916

An Indian’s Loyalty – MOTOGRAPHY – October 7, 1916


MOTOGRAPHY – October 7. 1916.

Brief Stories of the Weeks Film Releases

An Indian’s Loyalty — Biograph Re-Issue

October 2. — Featuring Lillian Gish, Edward Dillon and Eagle Eye.
The Young foreman and the ranchero’s daughter are in love and when an Indian, who is employed on the ranch, is discharged by the ranchero who accused him of stealing money, which was stolen by a farm hand, the foreman who has taken a liking for the Indian, has him reinstated. The foreman, who is suspicious of the farm hand, discovers him looking in the window of the ranchero’s house. He is discharged and, bent on revenge, he goes after one of his pals. They capture the ranchero’s daughter and insist that she tell them where her father’s money is. The Indian returning from the field for a farm implement and hearing the noise inside, looks in and sees the girl struggling with the men. He goes for help and when the men arrive a terrific struggle ensues, ending with the capture of the outlaws.

Motography 1916 - An Indian's Loyalty
Motography 1916 – An Indian’s Loyalty

Director: Christy Cabanne
Writer: Fred Burns
  • Frank Opperman as The Ranchero
  • Lillian Gish as The Ranchero’s Daughter
  • Edward Dillon as The Young Foreman
  • Eagle Eye as The Indian
  • Fred Burns as The Ranch Hand
  • Lionel Barrymore as The Cattle Buyer
  • William A. Carroll as The Accomplice
  • Dark Cloud (actor) as An Indian
1913 American short Western film directed by Christy Cabanne and featuring Lillian Gish.
A melodramatic picture with a situation that the Biograph Company has made use of a great many times, but nearly always with freshness and nearly always effectively, as in the present case. It is a situation where there is money in the house and only a girl to protect it, and the bad man attempts to force her to disclose its hiding place. As usual there are rescuers on the way, and it also includes a speedy Biograph chase. The photography is clear. (The Moving Picture World, September 6, 1913)

An Indian’s Loyalty 1913 – Poster

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