Gish Supreme In “La Boheme” (Santa Cruz Evening News, 1926)


Gish Supreme In “La Boheme” (Santa Cruz Evening News, 1926)

  • Santa Cruz Evening News, Volume 39, Number 23, 28 December 1926
  • Gish Supreme In “La Boheme” At New Santa Cruz

Has Lillian Gish, star of many roles, found an ideal one – her supreme contribution to the art of the screen? Many people say so, after having seen her Mimi in “La Boheme”. Never before did role fit artist, and artist fit role, so ideally as Lillian Gish and the character of the little wistful waif of the Latin Quarter, in the quaint romance now playing at the New Santa Cruz Theatre. ‘ A notable cast was directed by King Vidor in the new picture, Miss Gish’s first American-made play in some years. John Gilbert, as the poet Rodolphe, reaches the heights of genius opposite Miss Gish, and Roy D’Arcy repeats his triumphs in “The Merry Widow” as the suave boulevardier, who represents all the hero’s jealous fears. Renee Adoree makes a charming Musetta, while Gino Corrado, Ed. Ward, Everett Horton and George Hassell are a lovable trio of Bohemians in the quaint French quarter.

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