New Film for Lillian Gish (San Bernardino Sun, 1986)


New Film for Lillian Gish (San Bernardino Sun, 1986)

  • San Bernardino Sun, 2 September 1986
  • New Film for Lillian Gish

MINNEAPOLIS – Lillian Gish is about to embark on her 106th movie in a career that began 84 years ago at age 5. During a weekend appearance for a tribute to her late actress sister Dorothy, Gish showed little wear and tear and was gracious, witty and enthusiastic. “She’s the more talented of the two of us,” the actress said of her sister, who died in 1968. “And I’m here to prove it.” Gish starts on location in Maine on Sept. 8 for a new film with Bette Davis. She was the weekend guest of the Society for Cinephiles, an organization for fans of early film. “I was put to work at the age of 5,” Gish said. “I never went to school. We were poor. We went to bed hungry sometimes, but we loved each other. I had a happy life.” The Gish girls made their leap to fame through D.W. Griffith, who signed them in 1912. Gish starred in his 1915 film “The Birth of a Nation.”

Lindsay Anderson directing Lillian Gish in The Whales of August

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