Lillian Gish in A New And Vivid Role (Blade Tribune, 1927)


Lillian Gish in A New And Vivid Role (Blade Tribune, 1927)

  • Blade Tribune, 20 December 1927
  • Lillian Gish in A New And Vivid Role

Lillian Gish is playing a new Lillian Gish—and the secret is an odd one.

Lillian Gish and Norman Kerry – promo – Annie Laurie

The pensive and wistful heroine of “La Boheme,” “The Scarlet Letter” and other plays in which her fragile beauty appeals to the sympathies of an audience, is rather a gorgeous creature in her newest role in “Annie Laurie” Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s drama of the Scottish Highlands, playing at the Carlsbad Theatre, Wednesday and Thursday, December 21 and 22. She breathes the air of aristocracy in the gowns of a Scottish woman of title, and her entire aspect seems to have taken on a subtle change. The secret is—her hair.

Lillian Gish is Annie Laurie

Done up with a ribbon and curled into long ringlets, after the fashion of aristocratic women of Scotland, it gives her a patrician appearance that is imposing—but her wistful charm penetrates through it in the vivid story.

Lillian Gish is Annie Laurie

It took several hours each day to arrange the curls she wore and several hairdressers worked on the new disguise. Miss Gish heads a notable cast, with Norman Kerry in the leading male role, Hobart Bosworth, Russell Simpson, Creighton Hale, Brandon Hurst, David Torrence, Patricia Avery, Joseph Striker, Frank Currier and others.

John S. Robertson directed the story from the scenario by Josephine Lovett.

ANNIE LAURIE, Norman Kerry (links), Lillian Gish (Mitte), Direktor John S. Robertson, am Set, 1927

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