Lillian Gish Denies Troth to Nathan (Press Democrat, 1927)


Lillian Gish Denies Troth to Nathan (Press Democrat, 1927)

  • Press Democrat, Volume 53, Number 185, 24 June 1927
  • Lillian Gish Denies Troth to Nathan

LOS ANGELES, June 23.  – Denials by both principals nipped a budding rumor today that Lillian Gish. – film star, is engaged to marry George Jean Nathan, literary critic. In denying the report, however, both Miss Gish and Nathan owned they were “very good friends”.

THE rumored engagement of Lillian Gish to George Jean Nathan, critic, writer and magazine editor, is of particular interest, coming, as it does, just after Lillian’s spectacular court victory over C. H. Duell, who said he was at one time “unofficially engaged” to Miss Gish. Mr. Nathan has been, to judge from his writings, one of the American woman’s severest critics. With such a lovely example as Miss Gish so close to his heart, it is quite possible that Mr. Nathan will now look at the American girl in a more appreciative and less critical light.

Lillian’s predecessor in Nathan’s life was Fred Astaire’s sister and show business partner, Adele. Nathan had dedicated The House of Satan to Adele, who hoped to marry him. After offering various excuses for broken appointments, “he told her that the French ambassador, Paul Claudel, a famous poet-dramatist, was in town and that he must confer with him. He found out that the French ambassador was Lillian Gish.’ ” Nathan was smitten with Lillian, and, it appears, she with him.

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