Lillian Gish’s Talkie Ready (San Bernardino Sun, 1930)


Lillian Gish’s Talkie Ready (San Bernardino Sun, 1930)

  • San Bernardino Sun, Volume 66, Number 37, 6 April 1930
  • Lillian Gish’s Talkie Ready

Famous Star of Early Days of Movies Makes ‘One Romantic Night’ for Screen

Lillian Gish, whose first talking picture, “One Romantic Night,” is soon to be released by United Artists, will follow her work in the audible screen medium by a return to the New York stage that she left after appearing in David Belasco’s “A Good Little Devil,” with Mary Pickford and Ernest Truex, In 1913, as a child actress. She will have one of the roles in the forthcoming stage production of Tchehov’s “Uncle Vanya,” in New York, and is now rehearsing. It is not generally known that Miss Gish planned to return to the stage two years ago, when she was in Germany in connection with her Max Reinhardt film, and that at that time she rehearsed with Reinhardt’s stage players. She approaches the stage again, particularly her first mature role on it, with the attitude of a student, and believes the experience will benefit definitely her talking picture work. Ferenc Molnar’s “The Swan” Is the play upon which the first Lillian Gish talking picture is based. Rod LaRocque, Conrad Nagel, Marie Dressier and O. P. Heggle make up a strong supporting cast. Paul Stein, director of “This Thing Called Love,” directed. He is now directing Arthur Hammerstein’s “Bridge 66.”

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