LILLIAN GISH WINS HER SUIT (Santa Cruz Evening News, 1928)


LILLIAN GISH WINS HER SUIT (Santa Cruz Evening News, 1928)

  • Santa Cruz Evening News, Volume 41, Number 150, 25 April 1928

LOS ANGELES, April 25. (AP) Several years of legal effort by Charles Duell, motion picture producer to exact damages from Lillian Gish has come to naught today. A jury in superior court here returned a verdict for the film star, defendant, yesterday, after the court had decided that all the issues of the case had been settled previously in the federal courts of New York. “Oh what a relief,” Miss Gish said when she learned that the $5,000,000 suit her one time employer had brought against her had been decided again in her favor. “I am very happy.”

When questioned about the injunction proceedings brought by Charles H. Duell, Jr.’s personal company against Miss Lillian Gish, the latter’s attorney, Messrs. Chadbourne, Stanchfield and Levy said, “This latest move is part of a design to force Miss Gish to support Mr. Duell. The experiences of Richard Barthelmess and Henry King are only repeated in Miss Gish’s experience with Mr. Duell. Each of these outstanding artists has found it impossible to live under his business arrangements. Miss Gish’s situation discloses, in our opinion, the worst condition of the three.”

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