An Actor's Life for Me!

An Actor's Life for Me!

as told to Selma G. Lanes
Illustrations by Patricia Henderson Lincoln

In vivid anecdotes that are funny, heartbreaking and remarkably evocative of that fascinating period, stage and screen star Lillian Gish tells the story of her childhood years in the
American theater at the beginning of the 1900s.
From the perspective of nearly a century Miss Gish recalls the kindness of her fellow actors during a Christmas spent on train; hilarious-and sometimes frightening-slipups from many
performances; the pain of separation from her mother and her younger sister; and the thrill of being a professional actor.
For every child who has ever wondered about the glamour and excitement of being on the stage, about how and why a person becomes an actor, this remarkable childhood reminiscence offers a
unique and lively insight, as well a memorable piece of Americana.


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