Within The Gates 1934

Within The Gates 1934

Sean O'Casey came to New York for our rehearsals and stayed on for weeks, spending all his time in the audience of the (now) Billy Rose Theatre and in my dressing room between acts. He said "I can't stay out there. They ask me what my play is about and I don't know what to tell them." When he went home he wrote that he was sorry not to be with us in Philadelphia and when he heard that we were banned in Boston he said he "would have enjoyed hitting out in the center of the fight." I kept his letter, forgive me for quoting "Let me thank you Lillian, for a grand and great performance, for your gentle patience throughout rehearsals and for the grand way you dive into the long and strenuous part of the 'Young Whore.'" (Miss Lillian Gish - Dorothy and Lillian Gish) Photo: Edward Steichen (Vanity Fair 1934)


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