The Scarlet Letter (1926)

The Scarlet Letter (1926)

Release Date: 8 January 1927 (USA) Director: Victor Sjöström Writers: Nathaniel Hawthorne (novel) Frances Marion (adaptation) Lillian Gish learned that her mother had had a stroke in London and her sister, Dorothy Gish, urged her to get there on the first available boat. When Lillian informed director Victor Sjöström of the need to finish the film quickly, he created a shooting schedule that crammed two weeks worth of shooting into three days of non-stop work. The crew worked without complaint so that she could finish the film early and catch the earliest possible train to New York. Lillian Gish's puritan costume from this film was at one point housed in The Crocker Museum in Hollywood, the first museum dedicated to props and other artifacts from American films. The museum was started by actor Harry Crocker, circa 1928, and was located on Sunset Blvd. Lillian Gish ... Hester Prynne Lars Hanson ... The Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale Henry B. Walthall ... Roger Prynne Karl Dane ... Giles William H. Tooker ... The Governor Marcelle Corday ... Mistress Hibbins Fred Herzog ... The Jailer Jules Cowles ... The Beadle Mary Hawes ... Patience Joyce Coad ... Pearl James A. Marcus ... A Sea Captain


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