Hamlet 1936

Hamlet 1936

Producer /Director: Guthrie McClintic Starring: Sir John Gielgud - Hamlet Miss Lillian Gish as Ophelia Dame Judith Anderson as Queen Gertrude John Emery Malcolm Kean Mary Lee Logan Evelyn Abbott "The first time I stepped on a Shakespearean stage was to play Ophelia with the world's finest Hamlet. It was also Judith Anderson's first, as well as the first time Guthrie McClintic had staged Shakespeare. None of us knew how terrified the other was. I looked at "do" and wondered how to pronounce it. Judith told me later she didn't know how to say "good". Then Guthrie asked how we thought he felt directing the man who had staged and played it many times. The Hamlet himself, John Gielgud acted as if he had never ever heard the name and took direction as a child. His behaviour during our six-month run won him the adoration of our crew and the entire company. When I complained to Arthur Hopkins that we were closing while playing to standing room after the longest run on any Hamlet, he said: My dear, don't you know that Hamlet exhausts its Hamlet long before it does its audience." (Miss Lillian Gish - "Dorothy and Lillian Gish")


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