Life With Father (1939 - 1941)

Life With Father (1939 - 1941)

The Blackstone Theatre, a mile away from Rialto in Chicago, had been closed for seven years when this play opened there. It was such an instant success that it revived business in the hotels and shops of the entire district. Cecil Smith, the dramatic critic of the Chicago Tribune said, "Lillian Gish is ideally to the part of Vinnie, though a good case could be made in favor of the superior acting technique of her sister, Dorothy, of the Boston-Philadelphia-Detroit company". "It had been my hope to be able to tour "Life With Father" from one end of this beautiful country of ours to another, but after our try-out tour beginning in 1939, we opened February 19, 1940, at the Blackstone Theatre in Chicago and stayed for a record breaking sixty-six weeks, closing May 24, 1941. People came by car and bus from hundreds of miles around to see us which denied me the pleasure of taking this amusing play to them." (Lillian Gish)


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